Thursday, December 26, 2013

Gay Marriage is Legal in Utah!!

It's been a crazy holiday season, but I've finally gotten to my computer instead of just my phone so I can finally write this. As you've probably heard, gay marriage is now legal in the most notoriously conservative state in the country, Utah. For those who don't usually follow my blog, I live in Utah, although I didn't grow up here. And no, I'm not Mormon and I'm not conservative, although I was raised strictly to be both.

Many people are surprised to learn that there is a pretty healthy homosexual community in Salt Lake City. I've known quite a few members of the community, and I can say most are decent human beings. In fact, some of my neighbors are homosexuals, and they are some of the best neighbors I have. There was huge excitement around here when the federal district court judge threw out Utah's traditional marriage law, for many reasons.

I was excited for the people who love each other so much and want to enjoy a union recognized by the government. Now nobody can deny them their basic rights as a couple. I was also excited since this is a major blow to the strangle hold the Mormon church has exercised on politics in Utah. With the exception of here and Park City, most Utah citizens vote blindly for Republicans who are also Mormon, and those politicians do what the church wants. I am for anything that breaks that religious grip on local politics, because I think it's dangerous in so many ways.

I also was excited since this ruling will undoubtedly spur more states to adopt laws that legalize gay marriage. The whole case is showing that the legal arguments against gay marriage are tenuous, at best. There's no legal argument for outlawing it. Despite what some fucking morons think, this is NOT a Christian nation but instead one built on a secular document called the Constitution, so arguments that the Bible outlaws homosexuality are irrelevant. Besides, the Bible also says women should learn in silence and that it's okay to own slaves and beat them as long as you don't kill them.

So far a bunch of stays from the state have been denied. It pisses me off that my taxpayer dollars are being used to fight something that should just be left alone. So many people here will vote to keep gay marriages illegal because the Mormon church tells them to, when in reality I'll bet most of them don't think it really hurts anyone. And now the Mormon church's spin doctor PR people are calling the judge's ruling "judicial tyranny."

All of this is happening after Mitt "Loser" Romney's run for the White House and the Mormon church putting together a website that was supposed to build bridges with the homosexual community. It's pretty fucking obvious that was all just cheap talk, lip service to help grease the wheels so the Mormon church could get what it wants. Everything will change when the church's not-for-profit tax status is threatened by its bigotry, just like in 1978 when it finally allowed blacks to have the priesthood. Like I've said before, to understand the Mormon church and Mormonism in general, follow the money because it is the thing that truly makes everything flow.


  1. So true. I just KNOW suddenly God will approve gay marriage in the Mormon church in some way or another, but only when it threatens the monetary gain of the church. And all their little followers will accept the new laws like good little sheeple who can't think for themselves. I just wish Mormons would wake up and realise their church leaders only change the rules when it's convenient for them!

  2. As an Bit I take all religion with an pinch of salt and as a someone who was burnt up an Mormon and still goes to church on an Sunday there is a large amount of what you are saying that I find very true but some things that I find wrong. The Church is not all bad and has taken me a very very very long time (20 years) to work that out. And yes most of my family are mindless drones that’s will do anything that they asked to do but not by the Church but my Right wind Grandparters who are Church mad and trust me they are very church mad but u known what say to them i will live my life the way I want I may not drink Tea and Coffee but that is because yes it is bad for u but I don’t like tea or Coffee. Yes I will go to Church but that is because I like going there because I like a lot of the people including the Bishop. The think I can't stand about the Church is the fact some parters make their kids go (forces them). luckily my parters did not and my dad was the fucking bishop (Bradford ward), all they ever said was we would like u to come and if not then we are happy all we want u to learn is the word of wisdom because it can help in your life. And you are right about the Mission leaders they are dicks and also how sexist the Church is and I am man. But the thing is the missionaries I get on with especially the Sisters but that is most likely because they are not form Utah and by the way Bits don’t really like Utah missionaries because they are most often so church and say nothing about they lives. But my missionaries are not for Utah apart from one but she is nice. So to finish I think you have had an bad expance with the church in Utah. The church is very different in the UK as I say; I am not defending the church just saying a lot of the shit that happens in Utah will never happen in the UK. Thanks for reading and buy the way I agree with what u said about Mormoms and BYU or BY I do as we call it. Dan

    1. Dan, I really do appreciate your comment. I've never thought that all Mormons are bad, evil, or horrible people. In fact, some of my good friends are still active Mormons. What I take issue with is the leadership and those who have run overtime to cover up the truth of the church's past as well as hide the fact that its shit really does stink. When I went to church all the time I referred to these people as "Nazi Mormons" because they were so impassioned about what they were doing, but didn't stop to think if what they were doing was really right. I've lived elsewhere and grew up where there weren't many Mormons, so I know what you mean about wards being different in other areas. But the fact is that the church head leadership is here in Utah, and in Britain you don't get/see the full force of their actions. I didn't understand just how manipulative and unfeeling the top leadership in the Mormon hierarchy was until I moved here and saw it all firsthand. In the first few weeks after moving here I was embarrassed to be a Mormon and apologized to those people I met who were not. Thankfully most of those people were gracious, but later when I renounced the church they were more open with me and revealed that they thought the church is incredibly manipulative.

      Keep thinking for yourself, enjoy reading my books, and don't let anyone tell you what you can or cannot read or think, no matter what you do with your life!